Our mission is to empower today’s youth to effectively take responsibility for their future and make a
positive difference in the world. Whether the young person’s dream is to break free from the poverty
cycle or to graduate top of their class from Harvard, we enable them to achieve their dreams by
equipping them with the skillset and mindset to make the impossible possible. Through our curriculum,
teenagers get early exposure to the 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders found in Steve R.
Shallenberger’s bestselling book—Becoming Your Best. These principles are used by influential leaders
worldwide and provide youth a solid foundation of skills and beliefs that illuminate a clear path through
the turbulent waters of life.

The main program we use to achieve this vision is an In-school curriculum that blends the 12 Principles
of Highly Successful Leaders into lessons designed for their age. These 12 principles include, character,
vision, goals, positive thinking, time management, living in peace and balance, and building trust in
relationships. Teachers and educators are provided with creative activities and teaching resources to
make learning fun and easy to integrate into the classroom.

Teenagers who do not attend participating schools can benefit from the 12 Principles found in the book:

“Becoming Your Best--- for Teens." This new book will be released in Fall 2018.

Donations to the Lead With Light Foundation go to helping schools receive sufficient funding to

implement the Leader For Life Curriculum for their students.